Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disgruntled again - very

Someone asked me if I had really not been at all disgruntled in the last six months, when I have written no new posts. Well, yes I was - with Windows Vista, the Halifax, the standard of driving in Chard and all those common disgruntlements of life, but none deserving of your precious attention until now.

I have just watched the lamentable scene of the House of Commons extending detention without charge to 42 days. Some will say that Gordon Brown has reasserted his authority over his party, but the truth is that this appalling decision has been reached not by argument but by irrelevant bribes and threats and the assistance of those famous guardians of liberty (as long as you are a Protestant bigot) the Democratic Unionists. So, like the Bourbons our government has learned nothing from history. Worse still, like the Jacobins and their infamous Committee of Public Safety the government has incorporated a parliamentary process into the judicial business of deciding on an individual's detention.

Can there be anyone left who believes that the Labour government can be trusted to defend liberty in Britain ?

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