Thursday, September 20, 2012

Charles Clarke preaches telling the truth !

I rarely shout at the television (unlike the Today Programme on Radio 4) but I could not believe my ears tonight when I heard Charles Clarke, commenting on Nick Clegg's apology, say "The essential thing about politics is that you've got to tell people the truth".   Charles Clarke !  He's having a laugh !

If the young Charles Clarke, who I knew as a student leader, had come face to face with his later self as Education Minister blows would have been exchanged.  Nobody in the Labour Party who presided over or voted for the introduction of tuition fees or their subsequent increase in breach of their own manifesto has any right to criticise Nick Clegg.  What is the Labour Party's policy on tuition fees now ?  Is it the same as last year or the year before or whenever ?   What do these lying, hypocritical opportunists actually stand for ?

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