Thursday, February 07, 2013

The trivial world of the Today programme

Dumbing down at the BBC proceeds apace.  The Today programme covers Michael Gove's GCSE reforms.  Very little discussion of their merits or otherwise.   The presenter's agenda is clear, to label changes as a U-turn.  We leave the subject little the wiser to race through the possibility of a solar storm.  Clearly Sarah Montague wants to get this over quickly.  She interviews the scientist as if he were a politician avoiding the question.  His explanation of the phenomenon becomes disjointed by her frequent interruptions.  I'm shouting at the radio - "Let the man speak !".  He uses the word "perturbation". That's too much for Montague.  She questions it.   It's all right Sarah.  We're the Radio 4 audience.  We've heard it before. Why this rude rush ?  All is revealed.  We have to get to the important item: the BBC Breakfast Poll on how many people eat lunch at their desk.


Peter Groves said...

Try Radio 3. Much better for one's blood pressure.

Democracy Man said...

I despair at the poor quality of the Today programme. From shouting at those being interviewed to lack of depth in dealing with matters. It's like the Daily Mail on the radio, all hype and no substance these days

David said...

Sorry for the delay in posting your comments guys. Been busy and forgot to check.