Thursday, August 29, 2013

It should have been us

It should have been Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats forcing Cameron to think again on intervention in Syria.   Lamentable performance by Clegg on the Today programme this morning. Gladstone would have got this right. Once again I considered resigning from my party and rejected it.  I will be there long after Nick Clegg has gone. I am delighted that we have a parliamentary and not a presidential system.

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neil craig said...

Clegg is more an Ashdown follower than a Gladstone one.

Although expelled from the party on a charge of being an economic liberal I was later told that a secret reason was because I was against illegal wars, bombing hospitals and the massacres, racial genocide, ethnic cleansing and sexual enslavement of children carried out by NATO police/KLA*. If you remember, Ashdown dumped his job as party leader during the Kosovo war to "advise" the obscene KLA murderers carry out their Nazi programme.

UKIP, a real liberal party, opposed that war too. The fact is that despite the name the LDs are active proponents of war crimes, genocide and worse.

*We didn't know though NATO leaders clearly did, that these police of ours were "arresting" people for being of the wrong race and dissecting them while still alive. Some "liberals".