Thursday, December 06, 2012

"Today" is a bad start to any day

I hold no brief for George Osborne and think his economic policy wrong, but if I were him I think I would have walked out of the Today studio this morning.  Evan Davis repeatedly asked questions and then stopped Osborne from answering them.  Finally he blamed Osborne for taking too long.   This was all followed by Nick Robinson telling me that I didn't understand the difference between the deficit and the debt.  The arrogance of these journalists is egregious.  They think they understand everything better than politicians or the public.  The Today format, particularly the post-8 am interview, never allows enough time for serious discussion, preferring short-term heat to long-term light.


Unknown said...

I was surprised to hear Evan Davis taking this line as I had come to think he is usually less aggressive an
Interviewer than the likes of John Humphreys. To be fair to Nick Robinson he tried to put himself on the same side as many listeners by saying he had to ask Evan or Stephanie Flanders about the difference between debt and deficit.

Democracy Man said...

I find the Today format far to negative and have stopped listening to it. Too aggresive to start a day with.