Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liberal connections to James Bond ?

BBC reporters have watched all 23 Bond films to prepare an interesting audit which shows how many people Bond killed in each film and how many women he kissed (never more than 4 in one film).  I wonder how many connections to the Liberals one could find.   Go on, watch them all again and let me know.  To get things started, Penelope Smallbone (LD member in 2009 and maybe even now and daughter of Richmond stalwart Hester Smallbone) appeared swimming in one film and Cubby Broccolli bought her name for a  character in Octopussy.


sappho said...

what do you mean "bought her name"? Was she allowed to keep using it afterwards? Surely you don't own your own name.

David said...

I mean he paid her some money so he could use it. He was being cautious. You can sue if your name is misused sometimes.