Thursday, April 04, 2013

Three impossible things before breakfast

David Cameron is rapidly catching up with the White Queen.  In one speech today he shows he can believe three impossible things before breakfast.

1. North Korea wants to launch a nuclear attack against the UK alone, not involving the USA or anyone else.
2. North Korea is capable of delivering a nuclear attack against the UK.
3. North Korea, which is not put off by the US nuclear and conventional capability, will be put off by Trident or its successor.

Wow, Dave, if that's all true we should spend billions on replacing Trident, shouldn't we ?   So much more important than actually supplying our conventional forces with the basic kit they need !   Which planet are you on, Dave, and why are you so keen to destroy it ?

1 comment:

Simon Titley said...

North Korea cannot unleash and let slip the dogs of war. They've eaten them all.