Sunday, July 06, 2008

Education, education, education

I was interested to hear someone introduced on the radio as Professor of the Sociology of Sport at the University of Chichester. How heart-warming to know that the government's plans to have half the population graduate are making such progress. How delightful that the noble pursuit of knowledge is even today developing ever newer disciplines. It is in this spirit that I announce the latest advance in higher education in Somerset, the founding of the University of Chard. I have been most fortunate in obtaining the services of Professor Whitehead for the Michael O'Leary Chair of Aviation Chronology. His longstanding colleague Merlin the spaniel will become Reader in Canine Semiotics, whilst I myself will be inaugurating the new Department of Liberal Isocracy (look it up) and European Meta-Neo-Crypto-Personalism. Applications for new posts will be especially welcomed if accompanied by sponsorship endowments. In particular we still lack names for the back garden and the shed.