Friday, June 17, 2011

A bit more BBC poison

I confess I am NOT a fan of Danny Alexander, so I was ready to believe the BBC's quick summary of his remarks about Public Sector Pension Reform. In their headline news it sounded like old-fashioned union-bashing. Then I read the actual article on LibDem Voice and came away with a very different impression. I know politicians have to be aware of how they will be reported when they choose their words, but wouldn't it help if the media also chose a little more scrupulously. More light and less heat please, BBC !

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Ed said...

Do what I do and listen to R5 instead. Nicky Cambpell gets 3 questions in in the time it takes Nausious Naughtie to add the 7th sub-clause to his own preamble.
You still get the debate framed by an obsession with the cuts to an extent but at least R5 just about recognises that not all of its demographic reads the Guardian and that large parts of the population recognise that the over spending had to stop.