Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hot air, hot Brown air

In November 2007 our great leader, Gordon Brown proclaimed:

"The climate change crisis is the product of many generations, but overcoming it must be the great project of this generation. And this project will have to involve not just America and Europe, as in 1945, but the entire community of nations. So once again leaders will have to show vision and determination"

As we know, Gordon's latest contribution to the "vision and determination" required is to approve the plans for a new runway at Heathrow. God help us all if he didn't have vision and determination !

If you want to stop this ludicrous idea from taking off (sorry !), have a look at Greenpeace's website on Heathrow and become one of thousands of beneficial owners of a plot of land at Sipson near Heathrow, the village Gordon wants to destroy.

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