Friday, July 13, 2007

Kafka (and Munch) in Cyberspace

Here is a tale of woe that has (touch wood) ended.

This morning I attempted to log on to my blog. I got the following message:
Username and password do not match. "

I tried again. This time I got this message:
The email you provided does not exist.

I checked my spelling (several times). My e-mail address does exist and was working. I tried to find a contact or help address on blogger. All I found was a Help Forum, which specifically had a category on logging-in problems. Good. I tried to post my problem. I got this message:
You must sign in to Google to complete the previous action.”, which of course I would love to have done, but if I could have, I wouldn’t have needed to ! AAAArgh !

Aha, I thought. I will create a new Google account. That’s when I got this message:
A user with the email you specified already exists. Already have a google account? Try logging in.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

I then spent a fruitless half-an-hour trying to find out how to contact Google. All I found were various accounts of other people who had also found it almost impossible to contact them.

Finally, I pretended that I had forgotten my username. Blogger helpfully told me what it was, which I already knew. Then I pretended I had forgotten my password. Blogger let me set a new one (How kind !). So here I am again.


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Charles said...

I found your blog by searching google for "You must sign in to Google to complete the previous action."

I have tried using my account that I use for Gmail, Blogger, GPC, iGoogle, and for my web history, and have yet to be able to sign in or join any of their groups. I went so far today as to create a new account specifically to get into the groups, and it wouldn't work.

I looked up the symptoms, it said to enable cookies, mine are, it said to reset the password, so I did. I still can't get in.

Like you said, there's no way to ask, because you have to sign in. I even attempted to email one of the google employees, but still haven't received any reply, that was yesterday. I was wondering if you have tried using Google Groups?