Saturday, September 15, 2007

That Man Attlee

During party conferences some of us gather for dinner and some bring guests. About 20 years ago I found myself next to a man from the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland. I told him all I knew about his party came from a Radio 4 play. He replied that he wrote it. He was Robin Glendinning. Today Radio 4 repeated his play about the 1945 General Election and Clement Attlee. Click on the link in the next seven days if you want to hear it.

The play reminds us how admirable Attlee was and just how far the Labour Party has sunk since then in the hands of Tony Blair and people who invite Margaret Thatcher to tea.


KapsKom said...

Dear David,

Having read your post on Attlee today, I will make it a point to hear the broadcast on Radio Four. I do however feel that you should read this article on Attlee by historian Patrick French which appeared in The Sunday Times a few weeks ago. French's position is controversial, and I have always liked Attlee; nevertheless, the article is worth reading. I have just finished reading Jinnah of Pakistan, Stanley Wolpert's biography of Pakistan's founder, in which India's independence and partition--and Attlee's role in it--are dealt with extensively. Attlee was undeniably a great leader--much greater than that overrated bigot he extirpated from 10 Downing Street--but his role in the horribly conceived partition of India must not be ignored. It would, in my humble opinion, be intellectually dishonest to do so.

All said, I remain Attlee's fan.

KapsKom said...