Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Literary quiz

I have recently bought a copy of James Walton's "Sonnets, Bonnetts & Bennetts". I couldn't resist the puff by Lynne Truss which said, "The perfect gift for the sort of person who shouts the answers at University Challenge". That's me. Here's an example of the questions inside.

Who's the only person in literary history both to have been shortlisted for the Booker Prize and to have played a girlfriend of Ken Barlow's in Coronation Street ?

No prizes for the first answer. Just buy the book.


Jonathan Calder said...

Beryl Bainbridge?

David said...

Right first time. As usual, Jonathan Calder first past the post. For a bonus point, which actress played a girlfriend of Ken Barlow and was subsequently one of the judges for the Booker Prize ?

Jonathan Calder said...

A bit of googling shows BB was a judge in 1977, but I can't find a better answer than that.

David said...

BB is right again,so the bonus point is earned, but there is another answer: Joanna Lumley ! I must have missed that era of Coronation Street (and most of the others, I admit).