Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Parents, will you take your kids to the police ?

"When I get home nothing is going to happen to me. I might get shouted at", young looter on radio this morning.

I put this question to two law-abiding,sensible Guardian-reading friends. One hesitated and ducked the question. The other answered without pause that she would not. She stuck to this answer.

I don't understand the dilemma. You expect even demand that other people's kids are punished for theft. Why not your own ? I praise the parents of the boy who dropped the fire extinguisher off the roof of the Millbank Centre during the tuition fee demo. They took their son to the police. To my mind, that is good parenting and a lot more use than shouting.

It's not just the kids who have lost their moral compass, it's parents too.

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