Saturday, April 02, 2011

Can I remain a member of the Liberal Democrats ?

As the Sturdyblog points out the real problem is a deficit in humanity. My personal problem is "Can I remain a member of the Liberal Democrats ?"


neil craig said...

No problem. You stayed in when they decided you couldn't be a traditional liberal in the party. You stayed in when they promoted illegal wars. You stayed in when they promoted genocide and the sexual enslavement of children. You stayed in to promote censorship. You even stayed in when you found the leadership had been involved in dissecting living human beings.

David said...

@Neil: I can make no sense of your comments. Please provide chapter and verse if you want me to take them seriously.

neil craig said...

Chapter and verse on war criomes, genocide, organlegging

On the party's decision that you cannot be a traditional liberal and party member

You were imprecise about which bits of Nazism you said you did not know the party had endorsed so see my overall index

Perhaps in turn you could say which parts you really did not alrerady know?

David said...

Well, Neil. I've read your vituperative blogs carefully and they don't support your original comments at all. You don't define "traditional liberal" and you provide no evidence that "they" whoever they are decided that "you couldn't be a traditional liberal in the party". Your comments on genocide relate to the KLA and you assert with no evidence at all that my party promoted their behaviour. You refer to Paddy Ashdown as a Nazi ! The dissection allegation also relates to the KLA, which you say our leadership was involved in ! I suggest you study Nazism a bit more carefully instead of using it as a term of abuse for people you disagree with. I don't know the origin of your animus against the Liberal Democrats but there are huge non sequiturs in your slurs. I'm ending this exchange here and will not publish any more of your comments. If my readers want to know more, they can follow the links in your last comment.

Andrew Hickey said...

David, firstly, I hope you do remain a member of the party. We've had to make some compromises, and this government has done some things I find despicable, yet we're still the best vehicle for proper Liberalism out there.

Secondly, and less importantly, Neil Craig is well-known to many Lib Dem bloggers - I'm surprised you've not come across him before. He makes the same comments on every Lib Dem blog he can find, never backing up his assertions. I strongly suspect, from my few interactions with him, that he has a very serious mental health problem, and I hope he'll eventually seek help, but in the meantime you're doing the right thing by not allowing through any more of his rants.