Monday, April 04, 2011

Liberals in literature and films (5)

In the film of "The Hireling" chauffeur Ledbetter (Robert Shaw)invites his employer Lady Helen Franklin (Sarah Miles) to come to his boxing club where she will meet Captain Hugh Cantrip (Peter Egan). She asks, "Isn't he a Liberal ?". Ledbetter replies "Well, his politics may be a bit funny but he's a good bloke" or words to that effect. I don't have L.P.Hartley's book so I can't say if this is the original dialogue.


Hoonaloon Collectables said...

As a suggestion for a future look at Liberals in literature, I believe John Creasey was a staunch Liberal activist and political thinker for most if not all of his life.

A bona fide progressive and a writer of Sexton Blake stories as well ! You have to hand it to him.

David said...

Sadly not staunch all the time, but then who is ?

Hoonaloon Collectables said...

There again, with so many pseudonyms, he could have formed a new political party all by himself !