Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sack Simon Harwood !

How can we have confidence in policing as long as Simon Harwood remains a policeman ? This bully has form. He had been investigated twice for violent behaviour before he struck Ian Tomlinson. He had left the Metropolitan Police on "medical grounds" with a disciplinary charge hanging over him. He later joined the Surrey Police and then the Met again. Children's authors need a CRB check to talk to a class of children with their teacher present but the Met's vetting procedure is so feeble it let Harwood return and use force on behalf of the state. Today at the inquest he cried crocodile tears for Ian Tomlinson. He's suspended on full pay. Here's a simple public expenditure cut. Sack him now !


Ian Cameron aka KILROY WAS-A-HERO said...

Also very interesting he made no note whatever in his Notebook/ Report about his behaviour re Tomlinson. Why? He said he had no memory of it! He has certainly developed more memory now though still curiously limited. Also what had happened to Tomlinson didn't fully come to light till The Guardian got the video and published it. Prior to that the police were trying to orchestrate a misleading cover up. That's the real reason for the lack of any Harwood Notebook account.

Itzenplitz said...

Message for David Grace:

Can you please give me an e-mail address to contact you?

Mine is

I have a story about serious corruption in York Lib Dems in which local councillors are involved in a conspiracy to defraud my elderly mother. I'm hoping you can help publicise this story.

David said...

@Itzenplitz: Thanks for your message. I try to avoid taking up individual cases here, even my own. Also, I have no connection with or influence on York Lib Dems. Can I suggest two things. Firstly, you have a blog which seems to be empty, so publicise your issue there. Secondly, write to the President of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron at . Tim is a fair-minded man and may be able to help.

Itzenplitz said...

Thanks for your help. I'll do just that.